We develop drones for the most demanding tasks.

We design our own drones or adapt commercial drones for a wide range of applications.

We equip our drones with the necessary sensors to capture the data our clients seek (RGB, NIR, electromagnetic, etc.).

We process, analyze, and present this data for optimal utilization by our clients.

Since 2015

We are trailblazers in crafting and engineering drones tailored for industrial and professional endeavors.


Our aerial platforms integrate a wide array of sensors to address our clients challenges.

Data analysis and exploitation

Aligned with our parent company, LOCIS SIGTECH, we leverage cutting-edge GIS techniques to meticulously process your data, unlocking its intrinsic value. We assist you in extracting the genuine value from your data.

Discover our projects..

Over the years, we have executed numerous projects. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to delve into the details of our work.