Robotics for professional sports ground management

Cerberus® is the world’s first robot designed to analyze the condition of professional sports fields, providing high- value information for high end management. Tailored to the most demanding requirements.

Developed for the sport elite clubs

Cerberus® has been developed hand in hand with the world's sport elite clubs, addressing their needs and meeting their high expectations.

Human technology

The most advanced technology on the market, tailored to the real needs of field managers. Cutting-edge technical data, presented in a simple and approachable manner. Autonomous, precise, and reliable.

Professional field management

The engineers responsible for managing the turf of professional sports grounds now have the most advanced data on the condition of their playing field.

Revolutionize your field management

Incorporate Cerberus® into the daily management of your playing field and enjoy the technology used in the world's most important clubs.